The Advantages of Obtaining Absence from Work Certificates Online

Absence from work certificate online

Looking for an easy and convenient way to obtain an absence from work certificate online?

Absence from work certificates are crucial documents that validate an employee’s health-related absence or the need to care for a family or household member. Employers often seek this type of medical evidence, either in the form of these pharmacy-issued certificates or a medical certificate endorsed by doctors.

Choosing to obtain these certificates from pharmacies, instead of a general practitioner (GP), has several advantages. This approach is not only more time-efficient but also helps in avoiding the prolonged waits often associated with doctor visits.

Moreover, with the emergence of digital healthcare, the process of obtaining work absence certificates has undergone a significant transformation. The healthcare sector’s digitisation has streamlined this process, offering enhanced convenience and accessibility. Digital work absence certificates provide a more efficient and seamless experience for both employers and employees, reducing the reliance on physical documentation and enabling quick and secure transmission.

In this blog post, we will explore the conventional approach to obtaining work absence certificates, highlight the advantages of obtaining them from pharmacies, and discuss the emerging trend of online absence from work certificates. By embracing the convenience of local pharmacies and the benefits of digitisation, employers and employees can navigate the process more effectively while optimising time and resources. 

Historical perspective

Traditionally, the medical certificate signed by doctors acted as the go-to documentation for sick and carer’s leave at work. However, obtaining such certificates was often fraught with challenges. For one, the associated waiting periods, often exacerbated by overburdened healthcare systems, meant that employees were forced to spend significant time in waiting rooms even when they were unwell.

This process was further complicated by the requirement of mandatory appointments with a general practitioner, which could be difficult to secure on short notice. Additionally, the costs associated with obtaining a medical certificate both the direct costs of the appointment and the indirect costs incurred by taking time off work added an extra burden on the employee. This traditional approach served as a barrier to obtaining necessary documentation, leaving both employers and employees in a continuous quest for better alternatives.

Introduction of the Absence from Work Certificates: Empowerment of Pharmacists

Absence from work certificate from pharmacist

Pharmacists are crucial figures in the landscape of primary health care, often serving as the first point of contact for individuals seeking advice on common health issues. They guide patients on over-the-counter treatments for an array of conditions, such as common colds and allergies.  Their expert knowledge and accessibility make them ideally placed to help patients navigate through their health concerns. This expanded role within the healthcare system not only reinforces their indispensability but also highlights their potential for direct impact on patient outcomes.

In a progressive step towards making work absence documentation more accessible, the Certificate for Absence from Work was introduced under the Fair Work Act 2009. This pivotal legislation empowered registered pharmacists to issue certificates for sick or carer’s leave. Employees could now avoid the long waiting periods at general practitioner’s clinics and instead, approach their local pharmacists for this documentation. 

By decentralising the process of issuing work absence certificates, this law not only made the process more manageable for employees but also helped to alleviate the pressure on an already overburdened healthcare system. This revolutionary change made work absence certificates more streamlined, efficient, and overall, more user-friendly.

The trust vested in registered pharmacists by the authorities to issue Certificates for Absence from Work demonstrates recognition of their professional capabilities. It underscores their role as competent healthcare professionals, capable of making informed decisions regarding the health condition of patients. 

Not only are pharmacists trained in understanding and addressing minor illnesses, but they are also familiar with the patients they serve, allowing them to make well-rounded evaluations. This increased responsibility reiterates the growing appreciation for the multifaceted role pharmacists play in the healthcare system, further consolidating their position as primary healthcare providers. This trust paves the way for further empowerment of pharmacists, potentially bringing more healthcare services directly to the community.

Contemporary challenges

The advent of the pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges in healthcare, with a significant impact on the pharmacy sector. It triggered a shortfall of medical professionals, such as doctors and pharmacists, resulting in longer waiting times for patients in need of health services. 

Moreover, recent reductions in government funding have exacerbated the pressure on community pharmacies. The financial strains exerted by these cuts are forcing many pharmacies to curtail business hours, reduce staff, and potentially increase prices. This situation underscores the need for innovative strategies and policies to ensure pharmacies can continue to provide essential services to their communities despite these adversities.

Furthermore, finding bulk-billing doctors has become increasingly challenging, further complicating healthcare access for many individuals. This scarcity compounds the stress on an already overwhelmed healthcare system and disproportionately affects underserved and vulnerable populations who rely on these services. 

Policymakers need to address this issue, not only to alleviate the immediate burden on pharmacies but also to ensure equitable access to healthcare services for all members of the community. Amid these ongoing challenges, introducing solutions like online absence from work certificates, can offer a silver lining.

Benefits of Obtaining Absence From Work Certificates Online

There are several benefits associated with online absence from work certificates, such as:


Digital absence from work certificates offer numerous advantages; chief among them is their unparalleled convenience. Employees, in the midst of their sickness, can request certificates without the strain of leaving their homes. This significantly alleviates stress during periods of illness.


The efficiency of this process is another noteworthy benefit. There’s no longer a need to spend time on travel. This innovation eradicates the hassles associated with traditional methods, providing instant access to absence from work certificates.


Time-saving is an inherent value of digital certificates. No more waiting at the pharmacy; the seamless and efficient process saves precious time, especially when you’re unwell.


Lastly, the affordability of these services is a significant factor. Obtaining an absence from work certificate from OnCare Health costs only $12.99, a price point that underlines the value provided by this convenient and efficient online service. 

Obtaining a Certificate

The online absence from work certificate platform has a straightforward and user-friendly interface. When requesting a certificate, you will need to provide essential personal information, including your email address and phone number, as well as complete a brief health questionnaire. Following the submission of these details and the payment of the processing fee, if your request is approved, your certificate will be issued by email. The platform prioritises user privacy and security, ensuring that all personal information is handled with utmost care and protection. With all data stored on encrypted servers in Australia, fully compliant with Australian privacy regulations.


In conclusion, the emergence of digital healthcare platforms such as OnCare Health has significantly streamlined obtaining an absence from work certificate. Instead of visiting crowded medical centres,  you can now receive your certificate online, anytime, anywhere. Digital certificates not only save time but are also more convenient and cost-effective. With OnCare Health, you don’t need an appointment, and you can obtain your certificate quickly, saving you time and stress. Explore OnCare Health today and experience the convenience of obtaining your absence from work certificate online.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain an absence from work certificate online?

Obtaining an Absence from Work Certificate is easy thanks to OnCare Health. No telehealth or appointments required. Just fill in your details, answer a questionnaire and pay for your certificate. Once approved by a registered pharmacist, OnCare Health will issue you an online absence from work certificate, containing vital information.

Are there any charges or costs associated with it?

Yes, there is a one off fee of $12.99 if you choose to use OnCare Health as your certificate issuer. Which is payable prior to issuance of your certificate.

What should I do if my employer refuses to accept my digital absence from work certificate?

If your employer refuses to accept an online Absence Certificate, it’s important to check your workplace’s policies regarding medical documentation. Different employers may have varying requirements, which could include the need for a physical document or specific criteria that an online certificate may not meet. In these instances, you may need to seek a medical certificate issued by a doctor, rather than an absence from work certificate issued by a pharmacist. Additionally, it’s good practice to enquire with your employer in advance if a digital certificate issued by a pharmacist would be considered satisfactory, preempting any potential issues related to documentation format. This proactive approach can help facilitate a smoother process when requesting time off due to illness.

What is the period for which a certificate will be issued?

Pharmacists can issue certificates for a maximum of two days, while online platforms limit this to one day. If a longer absence is necessary due to a significant illness, you’ll likely be directed to a medical practitioner for evaluation. This typically applies to individuals whose condition prevents them from resuming work within two days.

What illnesses are ineligible for an absence from work certificate?

A work absence certificate cannot be issued for the following reasons:

  • For returning to work – a medical certificate from a GP is necessary, as it requires a doctor’s approval.
  • Pregnancy-related requests, unless it’s deemed a minor ailment.
  • Compassionate or maternity leave.
  • Any purpose unrelated to illness-related work absence.
  • Extending an existing certificate.
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